COVE Recognized

COVE Recognized

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The winter here is brutal but acts of kindness make it less miserable.

Please join us in congratulating the following students who were recently recognized by the COVE as having gone above and beyond in their work!

Jacqueline Hanrahan

with MadCrafts

Danielle Paynter

with DoRAK

Caitlyn Reeves

with Let’s Get Ready

Francesca Viola & Jessie Nuthmann

with Hamilton Central School Secondary Tutoring

Kate Dugdale & Lauren Ballantyn

with Hamilton Manor

Thank you for being awesome!

Colgate COVE Hunger and Homeless Outreach went to D.C

Colgate COVE Hunger and Homeless Outreach went to D.C

America is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, especially when it comes to our agricultural production, yet enough food goes to waste each day to feed every hungry adult and child living in the nation. Each night some five million children go to bed hungry. As many as 3.5 million people each year have no bed to call their own, as they experience homelessness.

In the past winter, a group of Colgate students went to Washington D.C to reach out to the hunger and homeless population by participating in one of the COVE Alternative Break trips. The group explored the root causes and efforts to improve the hunger and homelessness situation in our country’s capital. They did this through a series of site visits listening to guest speakers how have overcome homelessness and having our own group discussions. They got some hands-on experience by volunteering at soup kitchens, shelters and also participating in a pop-up food market at a school in a low-income school district.




COVE Recognized — American Heart Association

COVE Recognized — American Heart Association

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Hope everyone enjoyed the COVE open house yesterday and got a chance to sign up for a couple of teams. It’s time to announce our weekly COVE Recognized names.

Please join me to congratulate the following people for their awesome work on raising awareness about heart disease and stroke:

Andre D’Souza

Erica Pais

Ben Apple

(American Heart Association)

Andre, Erica, and Ben, thanks for being awesome!

COVE Recognized–Sidekicks and Let’s Get Ready & Student Involvement Fair

COVE Recognized–Sidekicks and Let’s Get Ready & Student Involvement Fair

Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is doing well with the sudden snow this morning. No matter how sunny it seems to be in the morning, keeping your boots on would always be a smart choice. Anytime, stay warm!


Do you know that there are actually over 35 COVE groups focusing on different aspects including community advocacy, education, environmental stewardship, and public health? If you want to get involved, try taking a leadership role or just simply want to learn more about the volunteer opportunities, come to the activities fair this Friday. Almost all the COVE groups will be there in Huntington Gym from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm this Friday afternoon, and many of them are seeking new leadership or potential new leaders for the next academic year.

Sound interesting to you? See you on Friday!


Even though it is only the second week of the new semester, some of the COVE groups and individuals have already stood out with their extraordinary performance. Please join me and congratulate the following students:


Yasmin Salazar

Jack Kinlan

Alex Prugh

Let’s Get Ready

Jared Goldsmith

Yasmin, Jack, Alex, and Jared, thank you for being awesome! The COVE recognized you!

Good luck on the rest of this week and enjoy the snow. Hopefully, see you at the activities fair!



New Year, New COVE Recognized Names

New Year, New COVE Recognized Names


Welcome back!

Hope you have enjoyed the holidays. Now, it is time to put everything back together and start a new semester. It is cold and snowy outside, but the following people kept the community feeling warm and loved during the winter.

Please join me in congratulating the following students for their extraordinary work during the semester. Thank you for the positive change you brought to our community and beyond!

Monica Murphy, Kiera Rosen & Andre D’souza

with CHOP (Colgate’s Hunger Outreach Program)

Victoria  Tarantino, Leigha Milks & Stephanie Tilberry

with Hamilton Central School Elementary Tutoring

Stay warm and rock the new semester!

End of semester COVE Recognized names

End of semester COVE Recognized names

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Reaching the end of the semester and the holiday season, COVE wants to announce its last group of “COVE Recognized Students” of the semester.

Please join me in congratulating the following students for their extraordinary work during the semester. Thank you for the positive change you brought to our community and beyond!

Molly Chandler, COVE Project Coordination Intern

Rita Sheridan, MadCrafts

Molly Fox, COVE PR & Marketing Intern

Keep calm and kill all your exams. Everything will be fine in 10 days. Happy holidays and good luck on all your finals!

COVE Recognized You!

COVE Recognized You!

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It is the season of giving thanks and we want to appreciate the following students for their amazing work and having a positive social impact on the community.

Please join me in saying, “thank you for being awesome!”

Hannah Winslow, Morrisville-Eaton Elementary Tutoring
Tyler Martin, Morrisville-Eaton Elementary Tutoring
Maddie Veronis, Morrisville-Eaton Elementary Tutoring
Alyssa Fitz, Morrisville-Eaton Elementary Tutoring
Dylan Bass, Morrisville-Eaton Elementary Tutoring
Amanda Milberg, BRITE
Colleen Heaney, BRITE
Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to give thanks to those people who have helped you during the year!